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Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

Back to School

Outside the Academy

This Monday (the end of January :) I returned to the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers to continue my training in Classic Flower Design. After a break in which I worked as a freelance florist and as a florist for Sweet Pea Flower design, I was looking forward to finding my own floral style again.

The course is designed so that each student can find their own style and way of working with flowers. Each week has a topic, but it’s up to us to try and interpret and express something different with the flowers we choose to use.

Birdal bouquet (side)

It was right into the deep-end with bridal bouquets and bridesmaid’s posies this week. We spent time wiring the smaller flowers to add the little touches to the bridal bouquet; so much of a bridal bouquet can actually be wired flowers! I chose to use these huge avalanche cream (white?) roses, along with pops of pink , green and white. I wanted the pink to add a bit of fun to an otherwise, (very) traditional bridal bouquet. Often, a bride will desire a lovely, structured and dome shaped bouquet which is what I created here.

The second day was more wiring (luckily I find wiring meditative and therapeutic) and we made some darling little pink posies for a flower girl or a bridesmaid. We spent the morning wiring 60 plus hyacinth buds and in the afternoon we put them together and once you have your small circular shape, you start to pull the wires out, so the end result is a little pink/white/purple pom-pom bouquet. You can also use this technique with other, larger flowers to create a round, pom-pom shaped bouquet which is very light to hold (due to all the wiring).

It was great to be back in the learning environment and to continue to develop my own skills and design in floristry.  Watch this space to join my continual journey with flowers.