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Spotlight On - The Hyacinth

Buying and using seasonal flowers for your home is definitely the best way to have longer-lasting, fresher blooms around you. This series of 'spotlight on' will showcase seasonal flowers and plants all year round.

I also think it's great to know the history and symbolism behind the plants and flowers that I put in my arrangements and bouquets, and it's great to choose flowers that mean something special to you.

The first flower in this series is the fragrant hyacinth, the name is derived from Greek legend about a beautiful young boy who was slain by Zephyr, the god of the west wind.

In Greek mythology, Apollo the sun god and Zephyr the god of the west wind compete for a young boy’s affections. At one point Apollo is teaching Hyakinthos how to throw the discus and Zephyr gets so angry that he blows a gust of wind in Apollo’s direction, which sends the discus hurling back in the direction of Hyakinthos, striking and killing him.  Apollo, brokenhearted, notices that a flower springs up from the blood that was spilled and names the flower hyacinth in honor of the boy. This symbol of the hyacinth flower has remained throughout history. (Source Flower Meaning)

It is a lovely spring flower that comes in an array of colours, one to suit all tastes. It's wonderful plant to bring in to your home during the cold winter months, to add a drop of Spring to grey days. Symbolically it can mean a fresh start, so it makes a great housewarming gift, or as a gift for someone recovering from illness.

The different shades of hyacinth can mean different things :)

Purple hyacinths generally mean sorrow or deep regret, you can send this colour to someone when asking for their forgiveness.

Yellow hyacinths tend to mean jealousy;  yellow flowers can often have negative connotations which is interesting given their bright, cheerful colour.

White hyacinths mean that you are holding that person in your thoughts or prayers, this is a nice shade to offer to someone who may be recovering from an illness.

Pink or Red hyacinths mean play, a nice choice for a younger person's room perhaps, or as a welcome flower in the hallway of your home.

Blue hyacinths mean sincerity, so this is a good choice to give to a friend or loved one around winter to deliver some good wishes into their home.

I hope you enjoy the beautifully scented hyacinth this winter and you choose a colour that speaks to you.

(oh, and just so you know, fresh hyacinth bulbs are poisonous and irritating to the skin.)