Amaris & Willow

Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

Vintage Wedding Flowers

Week two at the Academy of Flowers and the topic this week was vintage wedding flowers. Firstly, what is meant by "vintage" flowers? It's more a feeling and an evocation of times gone by then a specific, structured style.  Vintage flower designs tend to be more whimsical and romantic with a 'plucked from the garden' look to them. I really enjoyed working with the bright blooms this week and creating bridal bouquets that have movement and colour to them.  This kind of design would look wonderful at an outdoor Spring or Summer wedding.

The first day we worked with these brightly-coloured roses in orange, purple, cappuccino, and pink, mixed in with purple and pink carnations and wilder foliage like ivy. The overall effect is really textured and gorgeous and these bouquets would provide a wonderful contrast to a white wedding dress.  We also made a little frame from ivy, a small circular ring to place the flowers in, to create a more romantic effect to the hand-held bouquet.

This kind of bouquet doesn't just have to be for weddings, it also looks very lovely in a vase, as seen below.  I love working with these brighter blooms and really enjoy creating flower designs for more vintage-themed weddings and events.

On the second day we created a wilder, more romantic oasis-hand-held bouquet. You can buy specific oasis holders for the flowers (Countess bouquet holder) and it allows you to create a larger, sweeping style of bouquet.  I enjoyed using the oasis holder, although I have a preference for using the brighter flowers seen in the previous designs.I really like the trailing effect you can make with this oasis-held bouquet and the romantic touch it can add to a wedding. The focus flowers in the bouquet are the white avalanche roses and the dusky pink roses, I think the white berries add a pretty touch as well.

I've really enjoyed all the wedding designs we've done so far and I'm looking forward to even more wedding work in the following weeks!