Amaris & Willow

Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

Flower Crowns & More

This week at the Academy, we returned to the art of making flower crowns, this time with a more bridal approach. In order to make a flower crown or head-dress you have to wire a lot of flowers and foliage. Wiring is a technique in which you cut most of the stem off the flower and you replace it with a thin wire, you then add gutter-tape around the wire to replace the heavy stem.

It's used in creating corsages, buttonholes, bridal bouquets and of course, flower crowns! I personally love wiring, it's quite a meditative experience and I really enjoy creating pieces that can be worn in someone's hair. I love the more whimsical, romantic style of these pieces and many brides at the moment are looking for something floral and beautiful to wear in their hair.

I used pink spray-roses as my focal flower in this flower crown, I then added a few berries, mimosa, pink lemon-balm and eucalyptus. I wanted to create a light, airy feel to the crown and make it less of a statement piece. Bridal head-wear doesn't want to distract too much from the dress! I really enjoyed wiring the little pieces of foliage and the flowers and then assembling them into this delicate flower crown.

We also created a mantelpiece arrangement; we used a block of (soaked) oasis in a deep tray and then created a piece that would work higher up as a statement piece on a mantelpiece.

I created quite a wild, English-garden style arrangement, using pieces of willow to create the height and length along with a lot of green foliage including ivy and different types of grass. To finish the arrangement I added the flowers,  in this case pink lilies, white lysantheums white stock and some pink lemon balm. The end result is a structured, yet wild arrangement, perfect for placing on top of a mantelpiece or higher table.

It was a creative couple of days, creating two floral designs that are totally different from one another. I'm looking forward to creating more larger scale designs as the course continues.