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Wired Orchid Bouquet & A Spring Bunch

Spring has arrived in London, but you wouldn't know it looking outside today, it's grey, rainy and miserable. Luckily yesterday we had a bit of sun, and the spring flowers were looking perkier.  I'm almost half way through the second part of the Diploma at the Academy of Flowers, I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by! This week we made a wired bridal orchid bouquet and a pretty Spring bouquet, stuffed full of the most beautiful pink and yellow tulips.

To make the wired orchid bouquet, you need to use about 12-20 orchids (of any colour) I chose white as it seemed the most elegant, but pink also looks very lovely. You then wire (replace the stem with a thick wire), all the orchids, which can take quite a while! After you have wired your orchids, you also wire some foliage to go in the bouquet, you don't want too much foliage, perhaps 20 pieces or so. I used some fern and Ivy leaves as my foliage. Once all your wiring is done, you start to assemble the bouquet, making sure to keep the wires straight and not spiralled.

The end result is an elegant bridal (or bridesmaid bouquet), once the bouquet have been put together you can pull out the wires to open up the bouquet. And the final touch is to add a pretty ribbon to the stem of your bouquet to cover up all your wiring work. This bouquet has an exotic feel and would be perfect for a beach wedding or a more tropical themed wedding.

On day two we created a lovely, light Spring bouquet, the flowers I used were pink roses, pink and yellow tulips, and some lemon balm (quickly becoming an absolute favourite of mine). The end results is a quite candy-like, sweet bouquet. In terms of foliage, I used mostly eucalyptus and some ferns.  Such a nice antidote to the dark and brooding grey skies today.

Next week we are creating wall-hangings from flowers, quite a challenging but creative two days lie ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can turn my idea into reality!