Amaris & Willow

Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

Pew Ends & Table Arrangements

This week at the Academy we focused on creating pew-ends for a church wedding. These are created by using special pew end oasis holders. We worked in teams of two (or three) to create pew ends that looked similar enough to be able to use together.

Of course, you begin by soaking the oasis, and then selecting the foliage you want to use for the pew end. We decided to go for a wilder look,  for a country wedding, so we used quite a lot of foliage to create a rough diamond shape.  One of the most important aspects of creating pew-ends is to make sure the sides are pretty as that's the most visible part people will see when walking down the aisle. It also important to cover the top hook of the oasis holder so the plastic isn't visible. If you are going to have pew-ends at your wedding, you can have them on every other pew, or just at the front of the church, they don't need to go down the whole aisle. A few pew-ends will just add a lovely touch to your wedding.

We chose some lovely orange & pastel-coloured roses and tulips as our focal flowers and then added some stock, lemon-balm and some thistles to add some length and texture to the design. One of the great parts about creating a larger pew-end is that it can then double up as a table arrangement if you want it to.

It was great to create an arrangement in this slightly different shape and one that is versatile, it can be hung from candelabras and around a wedding marquee as well as in the church. These pastel blooms have got me looking forward to Spring time and the arrival of Spring flowers :)