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Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

Wedding work followed by Black & White

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It was back to school this week after a two week Easter break. There's only a month left of the course to go and then it's back to the real world! This Monday we worked on large pedestal arrangements, these large scale arrangements add a sense of drama to any wedding. Traditionally, pedestal arrangements were found in churches, but now with many people getting married in other locations they are a great touch to add floral impact to your ceremony.

We worked in pairs to create the large-scale design, we chose our urn, our foliage and our flowers and got to work. It's usually best to do large scale work like this on the floor, but make sure you always look underneath at the rim of the urn as that's what people will see once it's lifted off the floor and on to a pedestal.

Here we used pink roses as our focal flower and some white stock as a filler flower, really you can uses any flowers you like in this kind of arrangement. I was really happy with the end result.

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On the second day, our theme was ''black and white", we were given mostly white flowers to work with and a few black calla lilies. We were to create something using only black, white or mirrored vases. It was a challenging and creative day. I created a morning design using a black vase and some large, white calla lilies, but was I happier with my second design. I used round glass vases of varying sizes and wound some calla lilies inside the vases and then added a few large calla lilies inside each vase to create an elegant design, suitable for a hotel or shop entrance.

It was a fun two days, with two very different styles and arrangements at the end of them. My personal style is much wilder and romantic, so I really enjoy creating these large scale pedestal arrangements.