Amaris & Willow

Whimsical Floral Design by Becka Whelan

International Floral Art & Easter Nests

The International Floral Art Competition takes place each year and florists and artists submit images of art made from flowers. As part of our course we submit two contrasting images as if we were going to submit them to the competition.

This week we had the chance at the Academy to work on one of our ideas. I visited the fan museum in Greenwich last week and thought what a lovely idea it would be to make a flower-fan. I love the intricate and delicate nature of fans, they have gone out of fashion over the years, but still remain an art-form to some.

I bought two different fans and decided to cover the simpler one with flowers. It took quite a lot of work! I firstly covered the fan with a thin wire mesh, and then set about wiring the flowers. In this case I used hyacinths, white narcissus, pink lisianthus and pink lemon balm.

After wiring the flowers, I poked the wired-flowers through the thin mesh and created a design that closely followed the pattern on the fan.  It was quite a fiddly process but I was pretty happy with the end result.

On monday we made cute little Easter nests that would look great as a centrepiece for an Easter table or in the home around Easter time.

Firstly, we made a nest from twigs and foliage (not particularly easy!) and then secured the nest with wire to hold it in place. After your nest is made you take a small piece of oasis and place it in a tray in the middle of your nest.  You then create you Easter floral- arrangement with the beautiful spring flowers that are popping up all over at the moment. My nest features daffodils, tulips, kangaroo paw, and ivy.

The overall effect is very cute and I'm sure you could replace the little bird eggs with chocolate eggs!

I hope you have a happy Easter!