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Final Wedding Project

wedding florist

This week was my final week at the Academy of Flowers, I'm now a fully qualified floral designer.  After beginning the course last January, it feels good to have my certificate and I feel confident that I've found my own style.

This week was my favourite week of all, we had our wedding project, we all had to choose a wedding out of four options (coastal, church, Scottish or London) . I went for the Scottish wedding, the brief described the couple as liking all green foliage, walks, fruit and the wilds of Scotland. I love creating more natural designs, full of greenery so I was very excited to go to the flower market and choose my own flowers and foliage for the project.

wedding florist

My table arrangement was probably my favourite part. I love this container I used and as you can see I went for a wilder, yet structured design. I used cafe au lait roses, red roses and sweet avalanche roses as my focal flowers. I also used sea lavender, berries, thistles & plenty of foliage to add texture and impact to my design. I was very pleased with the final result :)

My bridal bouquet was full of the same beautiful focal roses, the colour combination was just gorgeous, and I had one left over dark-red rose to use in the buttonhole for the groom. 

I also created a thistle and berry flower crown for the bride.  I wanted to keep the crown on the smaller side to keep it more wearable on the wedding day.

wedding florist

My bridesmaid bouquet and flower-crown were for a four-year old so I kept these very light and simple. Using daisies, baby's breath and some love in the mist (nigella).  The end result was charming and sweet- perfect for a child- bridesmaid.

WEDDING florist

So, that's the end of my course blog posts! I really enjoyed the course and I'm looking forward to putting all the skills I've learnt into action and creating more beautiful designs. Summer is approaching and there will be plenty of opportunities to create many magical creations these coming months.